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Luk Chup

Phuket Street Food Guide: Ten Must-try Dishes!

Here’s a guide to ten must-try street food items in Phuket! Sweet, sour, spicy and tangy are often used to describe Thai cuisine. Local Thai fare are well-deserving of these descriptions, for it has diverse flavour profiles due to the…

Thailand Beach

Quiet Beaches in Phuket: 3 Hidden Spots

Here’s three hidden spots for Phuket travellers in search of peaceful and quiet beaches! Do you yearn to venture to Phuket, but find yourself turned off by the thought of jostling amongst the crowds in hip and happening Patong, or…

Shrine of the Serene Light Phuket

Discovering Phuket’s Cultural Gems

Join us, as we explore the cultural gems of Phuket! Shrine of the Serene Light An example of a Chinese Taoist shrine worth visiting is the Shrine of the Serene Light. Whilst all of the shrines inject a fusion of…