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6 Ways to Enjoy Phuket Off the Beaten Path

Exploring the quaint Phuket Town, dining in one of the island’s most popular restaurants or checking out the vibrant nightlife scene of Phuket has its charms, but it’s worthwhile straying off the beaten path to discover the hidden gems of Phuket. We dig…

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Phuket Travel Guide: Activities for Solo Travellers

Going solo in Phuket? Use the below as a guide to the best attractions and activities on the mainland and beyond: A day at the beach It goes without saying that a vacation at Phuket isn’t complete without spending a…


The 101 on Kitesurfing in Phuket

Exhilarating and exciting, an afternoon of kitesurfing will float the boat of all adrenaline- seeking outdoor enthusiasts with a love for water sports! Throw in elements of wakeboarding, paragliding, windsurfing and gymnastics, and what you get is an extreme sport called windsurfing. Apart…