The Perfect Holiday Villa – According to Your Horoscope

Can’t decide on what you want in a dream holiday home? We say: don’t overthink – it may be a good idea to let your star signs guide you through:

villa ocean's 11 samui


Competitive, driven and energetic are words that best describe you. This comes as no surprise – after all, your sign is ruled by Mars, the fiery plant of energy and drive (in mythology, Mars is the god of war and aggression). When it comes to vacation rentals. you’ll need a top-notch villa to match your sky-high ambitions. Without a doubt, Villa Ocean’s 11 is the right holiday home for you; its hilltop location, stunning ocean views and impeccable service never fails to impress.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, individuals under this sign have a love for romance, beautiful things and exquisite gourmet fare. You want to be comfortable, and adore being enveloped by the fine things in life, so the we’re sure the plush Villa Viman will float your boat.


Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This planet also governs the mind, which may explain why Geminis are often curious, full of ideas, and quick-witted. You’re chatty and love a lively conversation, so you’ll need a party-perfect home like Villa Beyond – one that offers plenty of space so you can invite the most interesting folks in town for dinner and debate.

villa salika samui


Nurturing, domestic and homely, your idea of and ideal vacation is cosying up with your nearest and dearest. The warm and comfy Villa Salika is just right for accommodating a small, close-knit group.


Leos are ruled by the sun – a star set in the center of our solar system, from which all planets revolve around. You’re a natural born leader who loves being the boss. You also enjoy being in the center of attention, may be dramatic at times, and are incredibly generous-hearted.

A Leo-worthy vacation rental is one that has all the luxuries you need to spoil your loved ones, and all the amenities that’ll enable you to throw an endless stream of fancy parties (a Leo ain’t holidaying without glamour!). We say: Villa Sawarin ticks all the right boxes.


Detail-oriented Virgos are known for their quick minds and streak of perfectionism. You’re not one who has a taste for fine and fancy things, so a flashy, over-the-top villa isn’t quite your cup of tea. But you’ll want quality – which means well-prepared meals, fautless service and top-class amenities. As an earth sign, you adore outdoor relaxation too, so we’ve picked out Phuket Oasis Villa for you.

benyasiri at samsara samui villa


Ruled by Venus, Libras possess a gentle disposition and a love for beauty. You’re quite the social butterfly too, and are more than capable of charming the socks off a crowd. You’ll need an alluring venue that matches up to your charm – one that’s built like Benyasiri at Samsara.


Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet of power and control. This might explain why individuals under these signs are often intense, and possess an aura of mystery. They’re also known to be seductive, and have an eye for unique, one-of-a-kind objects. We think that Villa Yin, with its isolated location and tantalising red and black hues, will catch the eye of Scorpios.


Adventurous Sags need a villa that has it all – water sports, plentiful amenities, fun-filled party spots and more. Villa Chan Grajang comes with our recommendations.

chan grajang villa samui


Industrious Caps are known to be driven and ambitious, and perhaps somewhat serious and stern. But underneath that poker face you’ll discover a sense humour and wit, and an emotional side that’s hidden by a reserved exterior. We think Caps will appreciate a vacation rental like Villa Roxo – a lovely home fitted with amenities for work and relaxation.


Individualistic Aquarians are people who are happy marching to their own beat. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t gel in well with a crowd; in fact, they’re sociable and highly adaptable creatures. We’d like to recommend a villa with an unordinary design, and located within close proximity to an array of dining establishments and social hangouts. How does Villa Kalipay sound?


Imaginative, creative and romantic are words that best describe Pisceans. A vacation rental like The Bay Villa 15 – a home with a whimisical design and picturesque setting – will please individuals under these signs. Look forward to indulging in long walks by the beach, or pursuing creative endeavours in a tastefully decorated room.

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