9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Book a Private Villa for Your Valentine’s Day Retreat

You’re hearing this from the experts – don’t book a private villa for your Valentine’s Day retreat. Here’s 9 reasons why:

1. Of course, you didn’t want a sparkling infinity pool of your own. Who cares about taking laps in a pool that overlooks the sea? What you wanted was to take a dip in a pool filled with fellow tourists, and to sunbathe at a crowded outdoor deck. Sharing is caring, after all.

private villa infinity pool

2. And you didn’t want to wake up to views of scenic coastlines or the boundless sea either. What you really wanted was to look out to a pool area with tons of travellers, or to admire the reception desk at your hotel.

private villa with a view

3. You know it’s going to be a tough affair snagging a reservation at the best restaurants on Valentine’s Day, and you wanted to take up the challenge. Forget about enjoying an al fresco meal in your very own villa – it’s far more romantic dining with fifty other guests.

alfresco dining private villa

4. Fancy throwing a glamorous pool party here? Nope! You’d rather throw a bash at the pool deck of the hotel – complete with time limitations, entertainment restrictions and uninvited guests.

private villa pool party

5. You could be enjoying a massage in a breezy gazebo that overlooks the sun, sand and sea…but perhaps being bedfellows with fellow massage customers is a much cosier option?

private villa massage

6. Indoor/ outdoor bathrooms are overrated. You’d rather shower in a space that you can’t turn without knocking something over, or use a (very) compact bathroom where all amenities are positioned within an arm’s rea

indoor outdoor en suite

7. Private yoga lessons at the deck, cooking classes for two in an enviable kitchen… no, personalised activities are much too cheesy. You’d rather get into a yoga pose in a room filled with fifty sweaty bodies, or go for a cooking class where all you do is taste the dishes at the end of the lesson.

villa yoga

8. Who wants to have a large and roomy living area all to themselves? There’s more fun in fighting for seats at the hotel guest lounge.

private villa living area

9. Forget about having a high level of privacy – that’s for the folks at Hollywood. You prefer highly populated areas and staying in rooms where tons of curious travellers could sneak a peek at.

private villa


…because staying in a tourist-flooded hotel beats having a villa of your own, anytime. But if you’re still unconvinced, maybe you should have a look at our villas in Phuket.

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