Table for Two: Romantic Restaurants in Phuket

Certain nights, spent with that someone special, calls for an extraordinary setting for a meal made just for two. Imagine dining in an inviting setting, with pleasing music playing softly in the background and beautiful lamps casting a warm, amber glow over your surroundings. The food is exquisite, the service is impeccable, and you simply cannot ask for more. 

When it comes to enjoying a romantic meal in Phuket, these gorgeous restaurants will not fail to impress:

Le Versace Restaurant Lounge Bar

Le Versace Restaurant Lounge Bar, Patong

If you are on a mission to impress your partner, make a date for a meal at the flashy Le Versace Restaurant Lounge Bar. Located along the hillside of  Phra Baramee Road, the restaurant sits in an elevated spot, offering stunning views of the town and Patong’s scenic coastlines. The early evening is an ideal time to venture to the restaurant for a round of sundowners, as you catch the spectacular sunset over the horizon.

The mesmerising views forms just a part of the restaurant’s attractions. Its ornately furnished interiors, containing plush sofas and decorative cutlery sourced from the House of Versace, are sure to please trendy diners with a taste for stylish designs.

Da Maurizio Phuket

Da Maurizio, Kalim

Da Maurizio Bar Ristorante seems to tick all the right boxes when it comes to being an excellent pick for a romantic meal. Prime beachfront location? Sweeping vistas of Patong Bay and Kalim Beach? An excellent selection of Italian dishes?  Check, check, check. With these factors in place, an extensive, award-winning wine and cocktail list is icing on the cake.

Let the soft glow of the amber lighting lure you into an amorous mood, and enjoy the lively ambience of the restaurant. It is best to arrive with a ravenous appetite, for you will need lots of stomach space to polish off an array of mouthwatering delights, such as a fresh Mediterranean sea bass in a crust of herbs, homemade gnocchi with Goorgonzola sauce and crispy deep-fried baby squid and zucchini.

The Dining Room at Pacific Club Phuket

The Dining Room at Pacific Club, Karon

On certain nights, with that special someone, only an intimate dinner at a discrete restaurant will do. Flashy, over-the-top, or overbearingly posh places will not suffice.

At times like this, make your way to The Dining Room at Pacific Club. The soft, soothing music wafting in the background complements the serene atmosphere and cosy interiors. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining, for the restaurant offers a diverse selection of cuisines, ranging from flavourful Tex-Mex and rich Italian cuisine, to tangy Thai dishes and savoury Chinese items.

Ruen Thai Restaurant

Ruen Thai, Bang Tao

Vacation makers with a preference for oriental elements will be keen to make a date for a meal at Ruen Thai. Set in an alluring old teakwood house, the restaurant boasts a picturesque setting and contains touches of traditional Thai designs and decor.

Running in a similar vein to its decor, the menu at Ruen Thai offers a widespread selection of local dishes. Familiar dishes, such as the mango salad, massaman curry and beef red curry are given an exquisite touch, making them stand out from similar dishes served at other restaurants. The pretty lakeside setting and friendly service rounds off an enjoyable meal here.

The Grill at Regent Phuket Cape Panwa

The Grill at Regent Phuket Cape Panwa, Cape Panwa

The Grill at Regent Phuket Cape Panwa is an epitome of class and elegance. The tastefully furnished interiors feature lightings with intricate designs, exquisite ornaments and gold accents. Guests may choose to feast indoors in the well-decorated setting, or to dine alfresco on the lovely terrace overlooking the Andaman Sea.

An immense level of detail has been given to the sourcing and preparation of food at this fine restaurant. An extensive selection of items, such as cheese, yogurt and bread are painstakingly made in-house, and only the best cuts of meat and freshest seafood are served.

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