Kamala Beach: 5 Best Spots to Wine and Dine

Here’s five spots at Kamala Beach perfect for a lovely night of wining and dining!

bianconero da tuveri

Villa travellers residing along the beautiful coasts of Kamala Beach, are you on the lookout for a lovely restaurant or bar for a beautiful night of wining and dining?

Go on reading our post, for we are bring you five captivating spots perfect for a fancy night out:

1. Bianconero da Tuveri Restaurant

Bianconero da Tuveri boasts a charming setting, and delights diners with its excellent service. The staff are friendly and professional, and the owner takes time to converse with diners about the dishes served.

Guests can expect to feast on authentic Italian fare, with an array of specialties from the Sardina region in Italy. Rave reviews have been given about the food, with diners heaping praise on the pasta dishes. Other dishes that have received special mention include the grilled vegetable items, as well as the salami and cheese platter.

silk restaurant and bar

2. Silk Restaurant and Bar

Contemporary and elegant, the interiors at Silk does not fail to impress. Step into the restaurant, and you will be greeted by the sight of smooth parquet flooring, modern tubular lightings and a sleek bar. There are two al fresco dining sections, offering diners with the option of dining indoors, or enjoying a meal outdoors during the cool evenings.

Silk boasts a comprehensive menu. Guests may choose to order dishes a la carte, or to opt for a buffet-style meal. The restaurant specialises in offering Thai food, and the dishes served are rich in flavours and beautifully-presented. The drinks menu does not fail to impress either – diners can make a selection from an extensive list of cocktails and wines available.

In addition, special mention has been made about the discreet, attentive and professional service offered by the restaurant staff.

plum restaurant phuket

3. Plum Restaurant

Seat yourself by the sala table, take in sips of wine and enjoy sweeping views of the sparkling sea before your eyes. Guests dining at the restaurant during the evening are in for a treat, as the view of the sunset promises to be an enchanting sight.

Comments about Plum Restaurant have pointed out issues of inconsistencies in the food and service at the restaurant. However, the beautiful setting and ambience makes up for these inconsistencies, and it remains a great spot for a fun evening of drinks and engaging conversation.

vanilla sky bar and lounge

4. Vanilla Sky Bar and Lounge

Travellers in search of a place with a fine setting, stunning sunset and beautiful clifftop views will be enthralled with a night at Vanilla Sky Bar and Lounge.

Guests at Vanilla Sky Bar can look forward to a selection of cocktails. The well-made drinks boasts a beautiful presentation and are not overly sweet. One can look forward to sampling zesty, refreshing tropical flavours, such as the tangy passionfruit margarita and citrusy orange and lemongrass mojito.

ambassadors bistro kamala beach

5. Ambassador’s Bistro

Ambassador’s Bistro offers guests with a peaceful and relaxing setting to wine and dine.

Diners will find a large selection of dishes available on the menu, ranging from Thai fare, to popular Western mains, seafood items, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. The well-prepared meals and gracious service by the staff makes dining at this restaurant an enjoyable experience.

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