Family Travel in Phuket: Top 5 Picks

We sieve out five top spots and activites in Phuket perfect for family travel!

Phuket Trick Eye Museum

1. Phuket Trick Eye Museum

Have your camera ready on standby mode! The Phuket Trickeye Museum houses more than a hundred three dimensional paintings, and offers a plethora of amazing opportunities for you to capture fun-filled shots with your family.

The painted scenarios in the museum are created using a technique known as ‘trompe-l’oeil’, which translates to mean ‘deceive the eye’ in English. These paintings allow visitors to capture images of themselves appearing in unreal, out-of-the-world scenes and settings.

Play up your imagination, and capture animated photographs of yourself as a sneaky thief, attempting to pry open the vaults in a bank, or as a pilot navigating your plane over the stunning Promthep Cape. An outing to the Trickeye museum promises to offer several hours of lighthearted fun for the entire family!

Phuket White Water Rafting

2. White Water Rafting

Are you on the lookout for outdoor activities offering a surge of adrenaline rush? If you have answered ‘yes’, white water rafting along the meandering Songpreak river in Phang Nga forest is the perfect activity for you!

Clamber up the rafts, and it will start to drift slowly away from the river bank. The ride starts off slowly and gently. Just as you start to think that your white water rafting trip is much easier than you envisioned it to be, a strong gush of water surges in, pushing the raft down the river at swift speeds. However, you will have no need to worry, for you are in the safe hands, with experienced guides navigating the raft deftly through the stream.

Note: This activity is suitable for children above the age of twelve years.

phuket elephant trekking

3. Elephant Trekking

Explore and enjoy the remarkable scenery of Phuket by embarking on an elephant trek!

There are a variety of locations that you can participate in elephant trekking at. In the south of Phuket, elephant trekking tours are held by Siam Safari at Chalong and Khao Sok. If you are in the areas surrounding Kata, do make your way to the Kok Chang Elephant Camp at Kata Noi. You will be in for a treat as lush, tropical jungles, towering mountains and the sweeping seaview serve as a picturesque backdrop for the trek.

If you are residing in the central areas of Phuket, do make a stop by at Camp Chang Kalim. The trails of its trekking tour run through the hill side, and offers visitors with panoramic views of the coast between Kalim Beach and Kamala Beach.

4. Mini Golf at Dino Park

Step into the Dino Park, and you will find yourself in a lush, tropical jungle traversed by dinosaurs. Keep a look out, and you will soon set sight on a live-sized Triceratops. Peer up into the treetops above, and you will discover a Brontosaurus staring down at you menacingly.

Fret not! Playing miniature golf here is far from being a scary or threatening experience. Containing a total of eighteen holes, the golf course, with its sound effects and beautiful backdrop, offers a unique setting for the entire family to enjoy a game of golf together.

baan teelanka

5. Baan Teelanka

Baan Teelanka, otherwise known as the Upside Down House, is a fantastic attraction for a day of family fun!

Make your entrance into the house by stepping in through a door in the attic. Your first sight upon the interiors of the house is sure to be a cause for bewilderment, as it takes a short moment for your brain to register and process the peculiar setting that you are in. It is a little strange to discover that all the furniture is stuck at the top, and that you are actually walking across the ceiling of the room.

It is great fun to explore the entire house with your little ones, and to capture comical shots of yourselves in this quirky attraction.

The upside down house is not the only attraction in this place. Make your way outdoors, and you will find a garden maze, very aptly called ‘a maze in Thailand’. Do not be fooled by the deceptively simple layout of the maze. It is not as easy as it looks, and presents surprising challenges. Have fun wandering through it with your kids!

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