Surin Beach: A Relaxing Retreat

Join us as we explore Surin Beach!

Surin Beach (a.k.a Millionaire’s Row)

Surin is often referred to as ‘Millionaire’s Row’ due to the luxurious villas that line the cliffs facing the waterfront, as well as celebrities staying in this area to escape the chaotic atmosphere, which is sometimes apparent in Phuket.

This perfectly depicts how Surin is more of a small coastal village, where relaxation is key, rather than a busy resort town. The best thing to do in Surin is definitely to relax and enjoy yourself by the beach. It is possible to cover the whole of Surin by foot, and even walk to the neighbouring Bang Tao beach.

Dine and Wine at Surin Beach

Taste Restaurant Surin Beach


Taste is the best of a new breed of urban-meets-surf dining places.

Full of delicious international dishes with a Thai twist, this is definitely worth the visit and is not highly touristic like other places in Phuket are. The ribs are highly recommended, and have been claimed by other happy customers as the best ribs they have ever had, even including ribs they have had in the USA!

The service here is excellent, with the chef and the owner being highly hospitable, making sure that your meal is as enjoyable as possible.

Catch Beach Club, Phuket

Catch Beach Club

Another great place to eat and relax on Surin beach is Catch Beach Club. You can buy a day pass here that will allow you to spend the whole day in the company of good food, a beautiful beach, and great cocktails.

Slip on your breeziest linen to enjoy this draped cabana-style beach club that has tents right on the beach. Although Catch Beach Club is more expensive compared to other non-hotel venues, you are truly paying for quality here.

The midweek seafood buffet is also definitely worth it, with such a variety and fresh ingredients. Whilst there is a wide variety of seafood restaurants available on the seafront, the quality and setting of your dining experience here is exclusive and one of a kind.

Catch Beach Club definitely is an experience that is hard to be replicated anywhere else in Phuket- reminiscent of a luxurious beach club that you would expect of the beach nightlife in Europe. Go for the ambience.

Bimi Beach Club, Phuket

Bimi Beach Club

A bit more expensive compared to other beach clubs on Surin Beach, Bimi Beach Club is definitely worth the money with it’s delicious drinks, comfortable sun beds and tranquil setting.

This beach club is designed in such a way that it allows for families to enjoy the beach club, with a volleyball court, as well as for the young party people to dance along to the relaxed house music that the DJ plays after 4pm.

Should you want to grab a bite to eat here, the food is also of top quality. However, there are also other restaurants nearby along the beachside that you can explore.

If you want a perfectly relaxed yet luxurious day on the beach, Bimi Beach Club is definitely worth the visit.

Looking for accommodations at Surin Beach? Be sure to check these lovely villas out!

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