Patong Beach: Unpretentious and Honest

Let’s take a look at Patong Beach!

Patong Beach: An Unpretentious Destination

Patong Beach is a very honest destination, in the sense that it does not hide the phony aspects to it, and puts on full show it’s moral and gender bending. As a result of this, there is a definite element of unintentional comedy. If you choose to visit Patong and its infamous Bangla Road, definitely bring with you a broad mind and a sense of humour!

Chicken Rice Briley Phuket

Chicken Rice Briley

Chicken Rice Briley is a local chicken rice shop that provides an inexpensive bite to eat and will surely amaze you. Although this restaurant does not possess a swanky interior and is by no means fine dining, you will immediately understand why locals flock to this restaurant.

As the only diner that is open during the day at Patong Food Park, the local Thai dishes served here are authentic and delicious. At Chicken Rice Briley, you will be served tender, steamed chicken breast on a bed of rice with a bowl of chicken broth. There is also roast pork, which should be dipped into the fantastic chilli sauce for a tantalizing and authentic culinary experience.

Lim's Patong Beach


Lim’s is bound to impress all of its guests that eat here as they provide local Thai food but in a more upscale setting.

Don’t let the dimly lit pathway to the restaurant deceive you, because once you enter the well-designed interior you will be greeted by the friendly staff and blown away by the delicious local dishes.

Renowned as being quite difficult to find, Lim’s is located on a road between ‘The Sunset Lodge’ and the ‘White Box’, on this road there is a sign that says ‘Bamboo Resort’. If the road looks deserted, then you are going the right way. Go up this road and you will see Lim’s on the right.

Small with only six tables inside and four tables outside, it is definitely recommended that you book during high season. Although a bit pricier than your typical Thai restaurant, there is not a single bad thing you could order from their menu, and is nothing like the watered down Thai dishes that you get on the street. Order with no fear!

No 6 Restaurant Patong Beach

Number 6 Restaurant

At some point during your stay in Phuket, you will most probably walk past the ever-popular restaurant called Number 6. As you approach Number 6, you will definitely see the large queue snaking out of the restaurant. However, if you have the pleasure of eating here, you will understand what they hype is about.

Both of the branches are a traditional style Phuket restaurant. The food served here is in generous portions and is delicious, especially considering its very affordable price.

This restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor dining area. With a location in Bangla Road, which provides excellent convenience, there is also a more newly opened restaurant up the hill, which provides more scenic views. Should you visit one branch, there is a free car service that can take you to the other. This really provides a sense of flexibility depending on the sort of ambience and location you wish to have.

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