Discovering Kamala Beach and Laem Singh

Join us as we venture to the Western region of Phuket to explore Kamala Beach and Laem Singh!

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is a relatively secluded and tranquil beach with a long stretch of sand, and is far less developed compared to the other beaches in Phuket. Lying just north of the noise and lights of Patong, this well enclosed fishing village encompassed by lush vegetation is by far one of the most beautiful places in Phuket. The unspoilt nature of this beach compared to its surrounding beaches is the main appeal of Kamala.

Phuket Beaches

Laem Singh

Just north of Kamala, any of the local beach dwellers would tell you that Laem Singh is one of the best capes on the island.

Walled in by cliffs, there is no direct access to the beach, which definitely adds to its seclusion factor. In order to get to Laem Singh, you have one of two options. Firstly, you could use a tuk-tuk or car and stop at the headland. Then, you must clamber down the narrow path.

However, just remember that you must sooner or later climb back up this steep and narrow pathway to get back up to your car. If you are not in the best shape or uncomfortable with this walking path, a better second option would be to charter a long-tail boat to take you to Laem Singh from Kamala Beach. This should cost about 1000 baht.

Phuket Beaches

Be sure to get to Laem Singh early, as whilst the beach and area is very beautiful and unspoilt, everyone knows about it, so it can get very crowded.

Whilst in Laem Singh, you can rent a deck chair for 100 baht and relax on the beach. Although the beach is usually safe for swimming due to it’s cove-like nature, the snorkelling is nothing spectacular and you are better off going to other beaches, such as Banana Beach, for that. However, Laem Singh provides a very tranquil setting that is sure to make a perfect day by the beach surrounded by the palm trees, white sands and turquoise waters.

There are also a couple of restaurants for you to grab a bite to eat at, so you truly never have to leave this little piece of heaven for the whole day.

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